What is this giveaway all about? I've decided to offer 50% off my top package for one adventurous elopement and one intimate wedding! Yeah, you heard me right! I will be covering flights, expenses, transportation and lodging! All you have to do is meet the qualifications below, fill out the form and hold tight until I announce the winner!

Intimate Wedding Package 

$1,000 - 8 hours of coverage and second shooter. Price includes discount.


$500 - 4 hours of coverage. Price includes discount.


Deadline: Monday, October 2nd

Announcement of winner: Friday, October 6th



 Intimate Weddings must be 50 or less guests!

Elopements must be 10 or less guests!

Located in an unique location, or up for traveling to one! 

Fun loving + adventurous!

Bride's Name *
Bride's Name
Groom's Name *
Groom's Name
Date you're wanting to elope or get married *
Date you're wanting to elope or get married
This doesn't have to be exact, just ballpark!
Elopement or Intimate Wedding? *
I want to know your personality, interests, favorite things and why you love one another! Why should you win this giveaway?