"Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together."
- Vincent Van Gogh

Over the last few years, I’ve discovered my love for helping others through teaching! With a 7 year career in the tech industry prior, leading, managing and teaching people, I gained invaluable knowledge in social media, PR, communication, and design that I directly translated to starting my business in January 2017! I was previously Director of Operations at a tech start-up, so I am master at taking ideas and forming plans of action! 

As a result, I am now offering mentor sessions, covering the topics YOU want to discuss! I am here to be a sounding board, provide concrete direction, and give you the tools and steps to execute your plan! I will provide clear and honest feedback, while providing action items to achieve your goals! I have a heart for people (insert YOU) and want to use my skills and knowledge to help! No BS, just you and me sitting down to make your dreams a reality!

Where do these take place?

Sessions are held in-person (I’m based in San Antonio, TX) or Skype/FaceTime! Don’t you worry...we can easily do everything, including editing, via screen share! I love doing shooting sessions, where I demonstrate how I find good light, shoot, pose and all the other good stuff!

What will I get from our session?

I will ask for a list of topics and/or questions ahead of time so I know what is most important to you! I will create a document prior with notes and resources for the topics, plus added items I think are beneficial to you! This allows for us to make the most of our time!

Why do a mentor session?

Whether you want to kick start your business, or haven’t been happy with your clients, booking rate, social media, or growth, mentor sessions are for you! You will find my packages below! I gained 1k Instagram followers within 4 months of starting my business and accomplished all of my first year business goals within 6 months, without an existing network or community of people! I want to empower you to do the same! 


Skype or In-Person Session - $250

This 2 hour Skype or in-person session of intensive, personalized time will cover whatever you want! Typically, sessions will cover the below:

  • Finding your style + aesthetic
  • How to find + book clients
  • How to plan a styled shoot

  • Shooting strategies (none of that posing stuff)

  • How to find good lighting

  • Editing + workflow

  • Pricing + contracts

  • Social media

  • Growing your portfolio

  • Confidence in your business and work

1-ON-1 Business Mentor Session - $600

This is an all-encompassing session that will cover everything! You will have my undivided attention for 4 hours! Again, you have the power to decide what you want to focus on! This time will allow us to review your pricing, portfolio, social media, contracts and other items, providing honest feedback to maximize all items mentioned. You will also have access to me for on-going questions and feedback.

Other things we may discuss and includes:

  • Workflow, from start to finish
  • Feedback on your work
  • Pricing structure
  • Actual hands-on editing in Lightroom
  • Business strategy and advertising specifically geared towards you!
  • Client interaction from beginning to end
  • Website + blogging
  • Attracting your dream client
  • Goal setting + constructive criticism
  • Live shoot with models or couple
  • Finding good light 
  • Directing + shooting
  • Access to ask me questions after the session is finished!

I do offer the option to pay hourly, if that works best! The hourly rate is $125 for business related items and $225 for shooting sessions!  


Before scheduling my one on one mentor session with Nicole, I felt stuck. I had so many questions about running my business, marketing, client prep, and really finding ‘me’. Nicole took the time to answer each question - in more depth than I expected - and even shared a few “secrets” to help me improve in my business as a whole. Nicole is so easy going, it felt like I was talking to a friend who was giving me honest feedback. She has gone out of her way to follow up and staying in touch with me. She lit a fire inside me that made me want to achieve more in my photography. I feel like I have a better grasp on the direction of my business and I am so excited to implement some of her suggestions. I would definitely recommend booking a mentoring session with her!
— Ashton Reynolds of Ashton Reynolds Photography
I will always recommend Nicole as a mentor in photography. She made me feel comfortable the second I saw her, which is always an important characteristic in a person. She is not only pleasant to be with, but she truly has the knowledge we all need. I am at a point in my photography journey where I need to know more of the business side. She was all ears and answered every single thing I was curious about. She kept us on track during our session while still making it feel like I was just hanging out with a new friend. One thing I thought was important was she reminded me that photography is not a competition, it is all about being in a community. I promise you a session with Nicole will be 100% worth it.
— Madi Jones of Madison Rae Photos
Nicole is such a born leader and teacher. Not only did she make me feel like she genuinely wanted to know my story and teach me the basics, but I could tell that she was really invested in helping me make the best of my art and my business. She went above and beyond to lead me in the right direction with my photography instead of just handing me information. I’m really grateful I came to her for mentoring.
— Camille Ruggiero of Ruggio Pictures
I would highly recommend Nicole’s mentor session to anyone starting out or wanting to grow their photography business. I have only had one session with her and I learned so much valuable information that I will directly apply to my business. She was organized and direct. Her information flowed from one topic to the next with references throughout. She was also very patient and helpful. Easily one of my favorite mentor sessions! Plus, she’s just a cool person to know and get a coffee with... so you can’t go wrong!
— Korbyn Newsom of Korbyn Skye Photography


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