I help make every moment true for you.  

As a guide for destination elopements and intimate weddings, I help you create a celebration that honors who you really are.  I believe your whole day should be true to you, just as I strive to capture images that are honest and real.

I’m the person you spend the most time with throughout your wedding day.  The foundation of trust and comfort we’ve built together reflects in every photo – in the easy way you hold each other, how natural it feels to let go and laugh, cry or simply breathe together.

We begin building this trust the first time we meet, over coffee or FaceTime, as partners in this journey.  

As your guide, I stay with you along the way:

We connect many times to talk through your day, your dreams, and the details required to turn it to reality. The vision of exchanging vows in a quiet and picturesque forest relies on countless details to bring it to life.  Hours of work are required to set up a small elopement or intimate wedding in a unique setting.  

Part of being your guide is ALSO…

Researching special spots in your dream destination, hiking trails to scout locations, using the latest technology to track where the sun hits the earth for the best angles and light, applying for park permits (a process that can take months), carrying required insurances, and so much more!

While I have served as a guide many times, every elopement and wedding is different, just like every destination is different.  I love it all: a new adventure each time and the gift of being the one guiding you.

Formal Poses + Fake Smiles are Not My Style!  

Posing is uncomfortable and it’s not your true self.  I want to capture the genuine, real, unposed moments. The whole-hearted adventure of your wedding day: the smiles, laughter, joy, craziness, and the true in-between moments when it feels like no one else exists, when you’re just being you.  

Those sweet, surprising unplanned shots are always the best.

My heart is in capturing your story.  No person or couple is ever the same, and our photography journey begins with getting to know you: your true and genuine selves, your real love story.  I’ll ask a lot of questions to understand who you are at your heart, I’ll make an idiot out of myself at times to make you laugh, and we’ll walk away friends.

Ready to take the road less traveled with me?