Intimate Desert Wedding in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico


Colton and Marina live to travel, so it was only fitting that their special day happen in a destination that resonated with their love for adventure, water, cacti and mountains. Marina found Todos Santos, a small, unique surfer and artist town, 45 north of Cabo, Mexico. She immediately fell in love and knew it was where she wanted to get married! Todos Santos is a hidden gem right now, but I have a feeling that will be changing in the months ahead!

20 of Colton and Marina’s closest friends and family joined them for the weekend in Todos Santos to tie the knot and celebrate. Marina made a trip beforehand to scout the location for the ceremony, per my photography recommendations, sending me photos along the way. The day of the wedding, we hiked to the ceremony location selected, set-up the alter she had made and transported herself.  Marina had a vision and executed so well. The location of the invitations said “somewhere between the land and the sea.” Need I say more?!

Even though I met Colton and Marina in-person for the first time, the day before the wedding, I can truly say we hit it off. Marina is one of the most kind and caring people I have ever met. She has a heart of gold, like no other. Being able to spend three days with them, participating in the preparation allowed us to connect and iron out details for the day of celebrations. I couldn’t ask for a more memorable experience, adventuring around Mexico! This is what intimate destination weddings and elopements are for!

Day 1 - Sunset Cruise around Cabo San Lucas

Before headings to Todos Santos for the weekend, everyone jumped on catamaran boat to see Cabo! This place is certainly famous for a reason!

Day 2 - Wedding Day in Todos Santos

There’s nothing like off roading and hiking a good two miles to the location of your ceremony to prep things! The weather was beautiful the entire day. Colton and Marina exchanged vows on the beach, took photos, then spent the night away with family and friends.

Day 3 - Balandra Beach, Playa Balandra

The day after the wedding was spent driving to Balandra Beach, Playa Balandra, about two hours from Todos Santos. Everyone was free to relax, enjoy the beach and fresh fruit being sold. Most of the time was being spent in the water…without a camera.