Desert Adventure Elopement at Palo Duro Canyon in Texas


I get emotional every time I think of this elopement. I took Josh and Ashley’s engagement photos and at the time, they were planning a small, unconventional wedding in the Austin, TX area. It wasn’t too long after that they called and said they wanted to elope. I wasn’t surprised one bit, based on everything I knew about them!

We spent the summer months meeting multiple times over drinks and coffee, discussing the vision for their day. From the overall vibe of their day to their vows and all the details, I walked along side them in planning every single detail, asking all the questions they didn’t know they needed to ask! My husband (Josh) married them and formed a relationship with prior, hand tailoring the message for the ceremony. Josh and Ashley’s ceremony was so intimate and special. From all the time we spent together planning and on their elopement day, they feel like family now!

I love how Josh and Ashley incorporated meaningful artifacts from their past, including photos of them from high school when they dated, along with gifts from their family into the day. They initially dated in high school for awhile before going separate ways and finding one another again a few years ago. The coffee mugs they used were Josh’s parents when they dated. The bar cart was a gift from Josh’s parents and Ashley wore her mom’s aztec jacket and rings from family members. I also love that Ashley looked through her grandparents wedding photos while getting ready. This day is packed full of things meaningful to Josh and Ashley. It was 100% them.

This is why you elope…it’s about making your day unique and special to you! Things weren’t rushed. They took their time drinking coffee and enjoying one another before exchanging vows. Does this day or my words resonate with you? Let’s plan your perfect elopement day together!

PS - They got married on Halloween and I love how the weather created the perfect moody vibe for the day!

You can check out the video S.C. Videography made of their elopement here.


Dress - Tobi

Hat - Lack of Color

Shoes - "A New Day" brand from Target

Rings - Great Grandmas wedding set, Great Aunts engagement ring, Mom’s pearl ring, Mom’s tennis bracelet 

Earrings - Target 

Necklace - Target 

PJ's - Target  

Jacket - Mom's 19080s vintage jacket


Groom’s Bolo tie - BTK Design

Groom’s Attire - Jacket from Levi's 

Groom’s Watch - Orange Bridge Supply Co.

Vintage bar cart - Given by Josh's parents one Christmas

Cupcakes - Hayley Cakes in Austin  

Sketch of Josh and Ashley - Ashley’s co-worker

Flasks - Yours Personalized