It's Not About Me...


Did the title of this blog post make you stop and think? I sure hope so! You see, in the past year of running Map + Compass, it’s been a whirlwind. I’m so thankful for this unrealized dream I'm living, but it’s also had more challenging than I ever anticipated. What do I mean? Let me explain…

Every person I meet is important and holds a special place in my heart! I know, you probably hear that a lot, especially from photographers. I truly mean it! I have a deep love for people and care more than most, sometimes to a fault. It impacts every aspect of my business, from the first interaction I have to the final email. This isn’t exactly how you “get ahead” in the creative community, but I can’t see operating any other way.


I don’t just want to deliver a product. I want to deliver an experience. An experience that connects with each person on a deep level, from the very moment we interact. I want to be a part of each and every person that selects me to capture their memories. Asking questions and listening to each story is who I am, whether I like it or not. I am a question asker and I care more than you know. Translating that into my business has been natural for me and I hope others can see that.

For me, being a photographer isn’t about how attractive the couple is or how feature worthy the wedding might be. Let me be 100% transparent…most couples are not models and most weddings are not feature worthy. THAT’S OK!  It’s not because the couples don’t want their wedding to be beautiful! Often times, those weddings are simply not realistic for couples due to budget. While all the details do make it pretty, I’d rather have a small, intimate and meaningful backyard wedding with the couples closest friends and family present. It’s just as important as any epic destination wedding or elopement!


My heart is to authentically connect with each person and story. Not be famous. Not be featured. It’s about YOU, not me! Yes, it’s important to be business minded, but at the end of the day, whose approval am I living for? That’s been the big question, haunting my mind the last month or so, as the comparison game has been a very real struggle.

I personally don’t believe my value comes from being a published or famous photographer, as so many other things make me who I am...a wife, friend, sister, daughter and so many other things. I will never “arrive” in my business personal endeavors. It’s all about perspective...that each and every couple is beautiful and has an unique story to tell.  


Photographers - check your heart and motives. It’s not about the amount of IG followers you have, the number of weddings you have booked or weddings published. That’s not why you became a photographer to being with, right? It's not about you.

Clients - know that my heart is to truly serve you! I have a heart for people and hopefully, you are able to see that. I want to provide you with a caring and memorable experience.