Sekrit Theater Engagement Session


I love stories like Josh + Ashley's! They grew up together and briefly dated while younger before going their separate ways, yet still staying in contact. Years later they found one another again while living in Austin and the rest is history!

Josh + Ashley work to live and travel, which I LOVE! People after my own heart! Josh proposed this past fall while they were on a trip to Washington and they are getting married this fall in the Austin area. They love the feel and moodiness of photos in the pacific northwest, which is why they were attracted to my work, along with the candidness of my photos.

I love that they wanted this time in their life to be documented...the laughter, smiles, kisses and everything else at the magical Sekrit Theater! They personalized their session by bringing their record player and favorite music, along with champagne. I mean, how cool is that?! I truly want every session to be just as memorable and special as was! Josh + Ashley are some of the funniest and most down to earth people I've ever met! We grabbed dinner after their session and hung out for hours. To say I'm looking forward to their wedding this fall is an understatement!