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Moab, Utah offers beautiful scenery with a variety of venues to support a vow renewal, elopements or adventure weddings. Eric and Kassidy Taylor selected Utah to celebrate the renewing of their vows and capture the special moment with an adventure photography session. A vow renewal is an excellent choice to honor your relationship in a unique location, and celebrate by getting a photography session to update your memories.

Moab Utah - A Perfect Destination for a Vow Renewal or an Adventure Wedding

For outdoors Lovers, Moab is a great launching point for any type of outdoor adventures, including hiking, climbing, canyoneering, rafting and the like. It is the gateway to Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park and many other hikes and scenic lookouts, such as Dead Horse Point State Park. There are countless areas with breathtaking views, perfect for couple’s photos and intimate wedding ceremonies, without the crowds! A perfect example of such a location is this couples session in the Moab area.

There are high and low seasons in Moab, as with any other popular destination! My recommendation is to avoid the summer and any dates surrounding holidays when everyone heads out to the parks! Late February into March the weather is ideal, along with the fall months of September, October and into November. Visiting during the above recommended period will also provide more availability with camping or staying at Under the Canvas. There is also the option to stay on BLM land. Whether you want a remote camping adventure or luxury retreat, Moab has accommodations for every adventurous couple!

I can’t talk about Arches National Park or the Moab area without mentioning the cryptobiotic soil! What is it?! The tiny black and green crust you commonly see on the ground in these areas are microbial communities that retain moisture and nutrients, providing grasses and shrubs a foothold in the sand. When the soil is damaged, it takes years for the crusts to grow back! I ALWAYS educate my couples on the soil and the importance of staying on the already formed paths, so as not to kill the soil and endanger the land. You can read more about the soil and see photos here!

Meet the Couple – Eric and Kassidy

Eric and Kassidy have been married a little over two years and celebrated their marriage in Moab, by exchanging letters in the rugged Utah terrain.  Along with Map + Compass Photography, Hartshorn Videography captured the vow renewal. Ballantyne Design provided the backdrop and rug, while The Potted Pansy created the lovely bouquet! Kassidy wore a dress from Something Borrowed Bridal, which is a wonderful option for day-after or first anniversary photos. Laura Loves Hair captured the bride’s bohemian vibe and Mod + Jo Jewelry finished the look with the bride’s earrings.

Why Invest in a Vow Renewal?

1. You Want to Experience the Wedding of Your Dreams

When couples are considering a vow renewal, I often hear that they did not have the experience they desired on their wedding day. They have compromised on the specific details they wanted due to finances, family expectations and many other reasons based on individual experiences. 

Additionally, tastes and styles often change. You may want a different wedding experience at age 40 than you wanted at age 25. Your relationships and love evolve and develops. A vow renewal offers the perfect opportunity to represent your actual personality and relationship, especially if you had a large original wedding. An intimate ceremony delivers a great option to celebrate your love in a special setting without the crowd. Like many elopements, you can invite your family and friends to share in the experience. It’s not limited to just the two of you!

2. Your Wedding Photos Didn’t Turn Out

While the wedding day is about uniting in marriage and celebrating your commitment to each other, wedding photos are important and cherished memories. I’ve heard countless stories of photos being lost, ruined or simply not turning out. If your wedding photos didn’t turn out, you can plan a vow renewal with couple’s photos as a priority for the event. 

Even if you loved your photos at the time, maybe you didn’t love the location or it didn’t fully represent your personality and relationship. An adventure vow renewal in a national park or other unique outdoor location provides an irreplaceable backdrop for intimate wedding photos. Vow renewal photos mark the updated version of where you currently are as a married couple.

3. You Want a Fresh Commitment for Your Marriage

A marriage relationship comes with ups and downs. It’s real life, day-to-day journey that doesn’t always match our expectations. If your marriage has been through difficult challenges, a vow renewal may set the stage for a fresh commitment for your marriage. 

Reflecting on your past together and writing new vows often strengthens your bond. It’s a chance to start fresh in a place that reflects your personality and taste as a couple, while also marking another chapter in your journey.

4. You Want to Celebrate Your Relationship with New People

Celebrate your vow renewal with all the new people you’ve added to your life since your original wedding! Over the course of your life, new people join your family and friendship circle. You may want to have them experience and understand your marriage commitment in this present stage of your life. 

I love that couples often make their pets and children part of their celebration, as vow renewal photos make excellent family photos in a more relaxed environment. An adventure vow renewal brings a special story to traditional family photos.


Craft Your Celebration with a Professional Guide and Photographer

At Map + Compass Photography, I do more than just couple’s photos. I am a guide and photographer. This means I help you plan your perfect adventure vow renewal, honeymoon, elopement or intimate wedding. I will lead you through your day to create a meaningful wedding experience true to you! I am passionate about people, new experiences and outdoor adventures! Let me help you capture your vow renewal celebration in Moab, Utah or another unique intimate wedding location.