Dead Horse Point Day-After Wedding Session in Moab, UT, Tyler and Alexis by Map and Compass Photography


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A day after wedding photography session is a great addition for any intimate wedding or elopement. But, what the heck is a day after session? It’s a couple’s session that happens the day after your wedding or elopement in a different location from your wedding venue. Heck, it can happen on your honeymoon, first anniversary or any other time you want couple’s photos. 

 It doesn’t have to take place on the precise day after your wedding, especially if you have an adventurous honeymoon trip planned. Instead, you may decide to do a couple’s session on an epic first-anniversary road trip. You can simply put your wedding attire back on, choose another dress or wear whatever you want!  

Yes, we still take portraits on your wedding day! If you opt for a day after session, your wedding day ends up much more relaxed. It gives you another event to look forward to after the big day is over. 

Meet Tyler and Alexis

I did an adventure session with Tyler and Alexis at Dead Horse Point in Moab, Utah, almost two years after their summer wedding. Tyler wore his original wedding suit while Alexis decided on a different bridal dress from Something Borrowed Bridal. The wedding dress Alexis had a beautiful trending cape that glistened in the sun with a skirt that added stunning movement and dimension. Her bridal bouquet from 3 Leaf Floral paired beautifully with the beautiful Moab landscape colors and the terrain.

The couple chose one of the best places for their day-after session in the US. Dead Horse Point offers many options to capture the essence of a relationship amidst a beautiful, natural setting for a couple’s photos. You can also plan an adventure session to capture your honeymoon, first anniversary or other special moments. 

Top Reasons a Day After Session is a Great Option

1. More Time to Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Instead of trying to fit in the couple’s portraits during the best lighting of the day and planning the entire wedding day around your photos, you can enjoy flexibility. I often hear from couples how quickly the day flies by, or that they wished they had taken more time to enjoy everything.  

I often encourage couples to take a few moments during their portraits together to enjoy one another. The reality is that couple portraits are normally allotted 15 to 20 minutes at a traditional wedding. This means the bride and groom receive minimal time alone since my main priority is taking photos. Opting for a wedding photo session after your wedding, honeymoon or even first anniversary, allows you to be present with your family, friends and one another at your wedding celebration. 

2. Make Your Timeline and Day Easier 

Most weddings run a bit behind, which is why I build in buffer time to ensure all the events and photos you desire happen! Sometimes things outside of our control occur, like hair and makeup running late, a stain or tear in your wedding dress or a meltdown by a flower girl or ring bearer. 

There are so many things that can go wrong on your wedding day. The beauty of having a photo session at a later time is that no matter how crazy the day might be, you will still have plenty of beautiful portraits without rushing through your wedding timeline. 

3. Less Stress and Nerves

Wedding days are often full of nerves or stress concerning the logistics, timeline, large groups, guests or public speaking. Perhaps you don’t want to share your vows in front of everyone during the ceremony. I know I didn’t! A day after session allows you to share an intimate moment, reading your own vows, in a relaxed environment without the stress. 

You will also be more comfortable with me after your wedding day, which means even fewer nerves. As in every session, my goal is for you to feel like it’s an experience rather than a photoshoot. Do you enjoy hiking, climbing, repelling, cross country skiing, or snowboarding? Maybe a favorite pastime is building a fire after a hike, sipping on wine or craft beer? Whatever it is, we can absolutely incorporate your favorite activities into the day after session. A couple’s session allows you to enjoy being newly married without the stresses of time restraints, people or nerves. 

4. Location

Brides often ask how they can have epic adventure or mountain photos on their wedding day when their venue is in downtown Denver, Colorado or elsewhere. This makes things a bit tricky, as it can take 30 to 45 minutes to get out to a location with mountains. Plus, the shooting time means more time away from your guests. 

Booking a follow-up session allows you to do exactly what you want on your own time table! We can meet in the morning, documenting your entire first day as a married couple or create an entirely new adventure, such as visiting a US National Park, or like Tyler and Alexis, a trip to Dead Horse Point State Park. The possibilities really are endless!

5. Choose the Location You Want for an Adventure Session

Your couple’s session offers the freedom to choose the location you want. There are no rules when it comes to planning your perfect experience. Your photo session could be an adventure session close to your home or far away. Perhaps you want to relive the memories and feelings of your wedding day on your six month or first-year anniversary where you got married? With a couple’s session, you have complete freedom. 


Schedule a Day After Session with your Adventure Wedding

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